How to setup your affiliate account and earn money

In the following steps, we will show you how to set up your affiliate account, easily recruit customers, generate sales and get paid off with money.

1. Provide payment details

Please choose "PayPal" as your "Payment Type", enter the email adress of your PayPal account in the field below and click "Save".

2. Generate your coupon code

Choose your personal code prefix and click "Save", after that click "Get Coupon" to retrieve your coupon code. That's the coupon code you will use to recruit your customers.

3. Recruit your customers

Use the code you just created to recruit new customers. As soon as your customers use the code, they receive a 50% discount on their first purchase and are also assigned to you as a bound customer. You will get a 40% commission for their first purchases and a 20% commission for any further purchases. It is totally up to you how to recruit them (email, website, blog, mouth-to-mouth, social media and more). There are no limits to your creativity.

You can use the following banner for your affiliate campaign:

4. Track your performance

Under "Transactions" you will see the purchases from your customers and the corresponding commission amounts.

5. Get paid

Under "Payouts" you are able to see, in addition to other metrics, the amount of your availble commissions. If you have more than $ 10 available, just hit "Send Request" and we will send the money to your PayPal account shortly.